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What our ‘Raving Fans’ have to say about their Like it Matters Experience…

“My Life Has Been Restored”
Sarah Claggett, Nutrilite Manager

I can truly say that a transformation has occurred inside of me and that Mr. Black has helped transform me from someone on the brink of losing it all to someone who has it all. My level of contentment, excitement and gratitude for life and all of the passions that go along with life, has gone through the roof.
People around me have noticed and commented on the difference. I am perceived as a natural leader now and people seek me out for leadership. I feel the difference every second of the day. I am more aware, my senses are heightened and my personal burdens are much lighter so that I can enjoy situations for what they are at that time and truly be present.

My ability to focus has become so much more sharp and little things that would take me off task are no longer a threat to my focus and ability to deliver. I have the tools I need to “flip a switch” and deliver the intensity, focus, alacrity and fierceness needed at any given situation. My life has been restored and I look forward to continuing to apply these approaches in each situation of each and every day. Mr. Black has helped change me for the better, forever!! If only everyone could go through this process, the world would be a much better place!!

“All Great Champions Have Coaches”
Robert Detwiler, CEO

What was subconscious is now becoming conscious.  I am living in the NOW and doing my best to recognize my negative behaviors and habits and correct them as often and fast as I can.  This has all been possible with the leadership and counseling of Mr. Scott V. Black.  His insight to what God is doing in my life is amazing.  I am so blessed to have someone truly care and call me out on my issues and not hold back the correction that I need.  He is so understanding to recognize that I am doing the work on ME and is compassionate to encourage and uplift me when it seems like there is little progress.

I have seen the positive changes in my Leadership skills and how I speak to those on my team.  I couldn’t have asked for a better life/business coach than Mr. Black.  I am suggesting if are reading this that you take action and commit to at least 90 days of coaching with Mr. Black.  I have seen results in the 1st few weeks that are life changing and I believe you will to.  You are worth it and you deserve to be coached by the best.  In my opinion Mr. Scott V. Black is the man to assist you to the help you live life like it matters, because it does.

“My Life is Forever Changed”
Leah Noland, Personal Trainer

The growth in my personal life over the last 6 months is more than I have had in the last 3 years put together. Thanks to Mr. Black, I know that my life is forever changed. I believe that God did the real deep work in my life, but that Mr. Black set up the framework for that to happen in a very real way. Mr. Black helped me see patterns in my life and how to make good patterns for success and to stop being a victim to the bad ones. My goals were met through this coaching time and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Mr. Black showed me how to get out of my own way enough to let that passion flow through me for others and for change in people and circumstances that are around me. I have a confidence that I never had before, I have a joy, and I know my purpose. I know there will be challenges, but I have the tools to overcome those and to keep pressing toward who God has created me to be, a warrior for His Kingdom. We never have it all together, but if we are satisfied with the status quo, then we will live in this world without making a ripple or an impact. I encourage everyone to give this life your all and learn all you can. Find out what really matters so you can live your life “like it matters”.

Alan Bissonnette
Store Director, LaBonne’s Epicure Markets

Leadership Awakening had such an impact on me personally that I sent my wife soon after leaving Chicago. In my wife’s words her experience “was life changing, the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her, a gift.” Presently, I am in the process of sending our fifteen-year-old daughter to Dallas Texas for the Teen Awakening and I am confident that at the outset of her experience she too will be thankful for the “gift.”

In closing, it is my personal mission to sponsor every person that is near and dear to my heart. For those who have not attended Leadership Awakening I feel that they are missing out on an experience of a lifetime. It is truly an awakening!!

Dina Dwyer-Owens
President & CEO, The Dwyer Group, Inc.

I recently returned from my 2-½ days at Leadership Awakening and I have to say it was the most enlightening 2 ½ of my adult life. I have been to numerous training programs and seminars put on by some of the masters of our times from Tony Robbins to Zig Ziglar and never have I walked away with growth experience as I did with Leadership Awakening. You have created an environment where the experience of the learning happens in the course and is not left to chance for complete implementation to occur outside of the program.

Kenneth M. Helman

I have attended many professional seminars, training and workshops. Most of the components of our Leadership Awakening were part of other workshops I have attended. However, how these were utilized in our class was so much more dynamic and meaningful with sustainable impact. My life is better now because those who nominated me cared for me. Professionally, as a husband, father and friend I am living, learning and positively impacting those who I care about. I can absolutely say that The Leadership Awakening from EMPOWER U is solid, based upon sound principles and is the most impactful session of any kind I have ever participated in.

Joe Polich
Executive Vice President, Production Engine Remanufacturers Assoc.

How can I put in words on a single sheet of paper everything I have returned with from your Leadership Awakening experience? I’ve experienced many exciting times in my life, but the emotion and passion generated in the class totally rivaled what I felt when I married Jill 29 years ago and the births of my two children. I don’t think I truly realized the awesome power that emotion and passion carry. I have renewed a true sense of happiness, excitement and expectation that I can remember having thirty years ago, fresh out of college and ready to take on the world. There was nothing I couldn’t accomplish and as successful as I’ve been, I know I will do even more in the time I have left.

Doug Cassidy
Plant Manager, Michelin

I wanted to drop a line about some results of the one-day team building session that you ran for one of our work teams. Michelin invests heavily in training of all kinds, including team skills training, but very often, we cannot quantify the results of “soft skills training”, we just know that it is the right thing to do. Well, we got a surprise this time!

Effective the first day back in the plant:

  • Their quality took an immediate jump worth about $3,000 per week
  • Their output took an immediate jump worth about $10,000 per week.
  • Their attitude took an immediate jump…value?

Thank you and well done!

Kathy Bober
Director of Human Resources, Parco Foods, L.L.C.

Leadership Awakening isn’t about learning theories, words, and processes. It’s about intensely living as a true leader. There is no “faking” your way through it. The power and ability that can be found during this program is astonishing.

Kenneth A. Hardy
Master Sergeant, U.S. Army, Sr. R&R Operations NCO, National Guard Bureau

Like most students who come to your course, I was skeptical. I came to the course expecting two and a half days of boring classroom instructions and a textbook answer to being a better leader. Instead, I found a passion for life! And a deep love, care and concern for others that I never knew before! An absolutely indescribable weekend. Thanks again for a life-changing weekend.

Mark Thompson
GM-Northwest Division, Coca-Cola Enterprises

It would be an understatement to say the impact of the ‘Leadership Awakening’ is profound. The program is the most fulfilling I have ever experienced, it was unlike anything else, training or otherwise, I have ever undergone. It was intense, as you told us up front but the affect it has is incredible. I am a better husband, parent and leader after graduating from the “Leadership Awakening” journey. Your program receives my endorsement—Heart, Body and Soul. My wife is enrolled, my daughter is enrolled in ‘Teen Awakening’ and many of my colleagues are enrolled. Empower U must flourish and prosper. There are so many people it must touch. Empower U is making the world a better place. It is making a difference.

Walter J. Moore
Army National Guard of the United States

The experience reinforced fundamental concepts and values that I believed, but up until now I had not clearly brought into focus. This class was a great fight in learning about myself and seeing others learn as well. As other colleagues have this experience, our workplace will undergo a profound change. I have participated in many civilian personal and professional development programs: Increasing Human Effectiveness, The Seven Habits…, Investment in Excellence, Interpersonal Management Skills, Strength Deployment Inventory, Myers/ Briggs, to name a few. These programs had their merits. However, none have matched the power or passion of Leadership Awakening. I have undertaken extensive military training over the past 15 years. I find Leadership Awakening to be commensurate with some of the best! I look forward with anticipation to Leadership Adventure!

Lt. Michael Paulus
Training & Development Manager, Champaign, Il Police Dept.

My job as the Training and Development Manager with the Champaign Police is to find the most current and applicable training for every employee. There are numerous “management” courses for Law Enforcement available, but I was looking for a Leadership course to help our managers develop into the leaders that are needed in the changing times we live in. I can tell you that what I experienced in the Leadership Awakening course was nothing short of amazing! Your class is exactly what I was looking for, not only from my department, but also for my family, my community, and myself. I am recommending that every manager in our department attend the Leadership Awakening class to help them find their mission in life and their careers. What a blessing for a leader to have an entire team focused on achieving the goals of the department!

— ,

Debbie Oster
Director of Human Resources, Western Canada Division

The Leadership Awakening Program is really something beyond my wildest expectations. It is second to none! After graduating from the Leadership Awakening Program I now have commitment and focus in all aspects of my life. The best part is that I have the courage to break down any walls to achieve my goals! Working with Empower U our employees will have purpose, vision, focus, commitment and the courage to never accept “goodnuff” again!!! Thank you again for such a powerful program.

Greg J. Stille
Vice President, Nugget Markets, Inc.

”, your staff taught me how to “Turbo Charge my Franklin Covey!” I was fortunate to be number six from our company and my brother, Eric and I already committed to sending you twelve more of our core covenant.

Steve Svoboda
Director of Professional Services Building People, FieldCentrix, Inc.

Having now witnessed numerous times the power of your mission – to see a class of total strangers transformed into a fully committed team of empowered leaders… repeatedly, class after class – continues to turn my world right-side up.

I am deeply indebted to you for enriching my life with the lessons and experiences of Empower U, and I admire your commitment to changing the world through Leadership in Motion. You’ve created a tsunami, one ripple at a time, and seven years after first being touched by that ripple, I recently walked away with a keen and renewed awareness of just how profoundly that force has touched my life, and the lives of the people I’ve touched.

I can think of many ways to express my thanks to you, the least of which will be referring future graduates to Empower U. But the most significant way I will show my gratitude is to live every day of my life with the passion and enthusiasm you’ve helped open in my heart, body and soul, and to build ripples upon ripples until my dash, too is as deep and wide as a tsunami.

William Potter
Lieutenant Colonel, MTARNG Commanding (RRM)

With over 20- years of military service (as an Infantry Officer) I have had the opportunity to attend our nation’s most rigorous leadership training courses. Your program measures up against these in every respect. This course is a must for leaders of all types and at all levels. Leadership, as you know, is more than a series of magic words and phrases we apply to specific situations. All to often we look at leadership as an opposition to the art it really is. Your program ensures that we understand and embrace the artist that lies deep within us. If we can do that, we will get more out of our relationships, get more out of the people around us and more out of ourselves. I would recommend your program to anyone who wants to be a better leader or citizen.

Christopher J. Dobrez
Executive Vice President, Dober Group

We sent 12 people from our leadership team. We did not know what to expect. What we did know is that we wanted our Leadership Team to grow and develop in a positive fashion. This expectation was blown away! As one of our leaders put it, “I saw 12 men go into that program and I saw 12 changed men come out.”

J. Randall Keene
President, Avail Medical Products

I am so grateful for the referral to a truly unique, effective program that was life-changing, both personally and professionally, with obvious daily benefits even after 18 months. Today, I am pleased to say that over 30 of our managers have been to the Leadership Awakening with many more scheduled to attend over the next few months. Over the past 18 months I have heard countless comments from attending employees that their lives have been positively changed forever. In addition to the benefits of increased passion and focus dramatically affecting their professional lives, they say they have been impacted outside of business to be better parents, spouses and community participants.

In addition to sponsoring employees to attend, I have personally sponsored several friends and my teenage daughter for the program. You can impact your life by choosing to attend. You can positively impact those in your circle of influence by encouraging them to attend. Your organization and network of friends will thank you for the experience.

Hector A. Dilan
Manager of Customer Logistics,

Not since my Ranger training for the U.S. Army have I been pushed to see and feel the abilities I have to live and love life to the fullest. I left the training with a new set of eyes to see what I have been missing, and a new set of ears to hear things that “up until now” I was not hearing.

Your training can teach the oldest dogs the newest definitions of Team, Focus, Purpose, Vision, Commitment, and Passion with a delivery you have to experience to understand. I have a fire in me that will last forever and I owe it to my great company for introducing me to the greatest two and a half days of training I have ever, or will ever have. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Scott Berger
CEO, Tony’s Fine Foods

Over the years I have had the opportunity to attend many well-known courses that concentrate on personal and inter-personal development, leadership and management skills. YOUR TRAINING IS DIFFERENT! Through intense participation, your course has helped me to see the world through an entirely new frame of reference. The bar is now being raised daily at Tony’s Fine Foods to the benefit of our customers, suppliers and employees.

Jeff Grove
Zone Business Manager, Frito Lay, Inc.

I just wanted to thank you for the incredible weekend! What an experience! It was an incredible, exciting, challenging, uplifting and rewarding weekend. It was incredible to see a group of strangers from all walks of life, come together as a Team in less than 48 hours. This was exactly what you have named it, an “Awakening.” I have a new passion for life, a deeper love for my family, a new focus in my work and a heartfelt respect for all that I come in contact with. For this I am grateful.

Mark B. Parriott
Sr. Director, Maytag Newton Operations

Over the years I have had the opportunity to attend numerous week- long leadership development programs… none can hold a candle to

my experience during and following Leadership Awakening. When you have a team full of passionately committed leaders, the organizational ability to ‘raise the bar’ of performance is incredible!

Richard B. Surdykowski, Jr.
Group Vice President, CINTAS Corporation

“The Leadership Awakening class is the most impacting, life changing training I have ever been to. I have always been a student of leadership and business principles, and the Leadership Awakening training has blown away everything else I’ve ever read or course I have attended. This training will truly enable you to ‘be as good as you are’.”

Jeff Bramble
President, American Athletic, Inc.

“WOW! What an incredible experience! To say that the Leadership Awakening class I just completed exceeded my expectations would be a tremendous understatement. Over the past twenty years, I have spent literally thousands of dollars on various training classes, seminars, tapes and books. I can honestly say that just two days of Leadership Awakening taught me more than all those previous materials combined. It is truly something to be experienced!”

Dr. Anderson Mehrle, Cardiologist, Blue Stem Cardiology, Bartlesville, OK

“After your class, I was reminded of the John Fogerty song Centerfield. I kept thinking Put me in coach, I’M READY TO PLAY!

The process you have put together is truly amazing. The things we did and things you said that were so powerful because of how you put it altogether and it is mindboggling.

You know what you and I do is so similar. As a cardiologist, I work on people’s hearts. You do too. Most of the time, I see people after a heart attack. You do too in a sense. After a mechanical fix, most people I see are really interested in taking care of themselves differently, taking their medications, exercising and eating right. They want to do things better. You have the same effect. My heart was mended spiritually by you.

“I am excited about living my life like it matters. In fact, I am fired up! This was by far the best 46 hours I have ever spent. I thank you for that. I have my tool box and I am excited about being under construction! Keep healing hearts Mr. Black.”

Craig B. Adams, Owner, Care Health & Nutrition Systems LLC, Vancouver, WA

“The benefits of the Empower U course have been life altering. Discovering barriers that have held me back from my full potential for the last 19 years was such a breakthrough that I cannot express what I am experiencing in mere words.

The successes that I had experienced in my life were tremendous, however, the gasoline fire in 1991, followed by 53 reconstructive surgeries and near death 4 times had changed my life radically, as you know. Since the accident it has been a struggle to exist and has taken me many years of work and prayer to become functional again.

What I accomplished through this event, with your focus, passion, and the support of the TEAM we became, has been nothing short of a miracle in my life. I am elevated to a new level with greater passion for life and a desire to effectively change the lives of others.”

Shawn Newbery, Senior Pastor, Glisan Street Baptist Church, Portland, OR

“This last weekend my life was radically changed. Your leadership training conference was perhaps the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I was stretched, challenged, and taught more than I ever thought possible over a three-day period.

Your conference challenged me to be a better pastor, husband, and father. My wife told me this morning, “Knowing who you are now, I don’t want the old Shawn ever again.” My kids know that I have a greater passion for teaching them God’s Word and to develop then into Kingdom leaders. My congregation knows that I want a church that is alive and active for the glory of God.

My whole life is radically changed, and as a result so is my church and my family. The first thing that I did when I got back was to get my youth pastor registered for a conference. My wife told me last night, “I want what you have, count me in.” My kids want to know if they have a retreat so they can learn to be better sons.”

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