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Think About That! Music CD


Think About That!
by Dr. Wu and Scott V. Black


This CD is our most popular music CD among Leadership Awakening Graduates.
Think About That! has the perfect mood music; fit for any mood!”Raise the Bar” with some awesome tempos and lyrics that will make you THINK about your life! This amazing collection of songs also includes some of our favorite “chill-down” songs, including Dash of Your Life and Shadows of the Soul!

Track List

  1. Raise the Bar
  2. Think About That
  3. Hands Together
  4. Aguaceros Blancas
  5. Life
  6. Dash of Life
  7. Shadows of the Soul
  8. Calling Dr.Wu
  9. Rhapsody in Black
  10. America The Beautiful

Stepping over the line CD


Steppin’ Over the Line
by Dr.Wu and Scott V. Black

Great music CD, fun songs

Track List

  1. It’s A Great Day to Be Alive
  2. Steppin’ Over the Line
  3. Want it, Create it, Live it
  4. Shine Your Light (In the Darkness)
  5. Life Ain’t No Fair
  6. Stop Your Lyin’
  7. Will I be Awakened
  8. Sacrifice
  9. Mind Surfing
  10. Shine Your Light (Reprise)