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W.O.W. Factor


W.O.W. Factor provides you with compelling insights on 52 common words – words that can shape your week and just maybe your future.

How Many Ways Smart Am I?


Introducing & Maximizing Your Innate Intellects
By Scott V. Black

Revealed in How Many Ways Smart Am I? Introducing and Maximizing Your Innate Intellects, you can unlock the secrets of your brain. The book uses the science of chirology, the theories of Multiple Intellects as explained by Dr. Howard Gardner, David Lazear, Dr. Thomas Armstrong, and many others. Black has plumbed the extensive national and international research to bring the Innate Intellect Profile to the U.S. He will show you the evolution of a detailed road map revealed by your fingerprints. By participating in a paradigm change, Mr. Black will give you the power to create your personal paradigm change through the knowledge of your 8 intellects via dermatoglyphics to maximize and enlarge your career and personal life.

Discover Your Inner Strength


Cutting Edge Growth Strategies From The Industry’s Leading Experts

By: Scott V. Black, Brian Tracy, Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey, and more!

Don’t pass up this chance to add to your arsenal of strategies to face life and all its challenges.Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from these successful authors- you won’t be disappointed!

Softcover, 249 pages

Yes You Can!


By Scott V. Black, Dr. Warren Bennis, Jim Rohn and more!

Yes You Can! is a message of empowerment, determination and affirmation. You will find that this book is an extraordinarily important part of the learning process you need to continue to grow as a person and as a vital member of your business community.

In this book you will learn:

  • Four specific foundations for professional effectiveness and success
  • Why it is important to understand the significant difference between management and leadership
  • How organizations can build a culture where courage is accepted and embraced
  • Some major challenges facing leaders today and how they can be solved

Becoming Your Dreams


Becoming Your Dreams: Want It, Create It, Live It
By Scott V. Black

This Book, Becoming Your Dreams, is based of Mr. Scott V. Black’s intensive Leadership training program, Like It Matters Leadership Awakening. In writing it, his aim has been to provide you with the tools you need to take your work, your business, you rrelationship and your life to the next level! He has provided clear methods you can use to leverage your skills and develop your abilities for maximum advantage in today’s dark world.

Becoming Your Dreams is what life is all about. To Live Life Like It Matters! With Your HEART BODY AND SOUL!
And there are 3 things you must do..
Want It.
Create It.
Live It.

180 Ways to Live Your Life Like It Matters



By Scott V. Black

AS different as we all are, we also have any similarities. With few exceptions, we all have fears and desires. We all want to love and to be loved. We all want to do good and meaningful work. We all want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Most importantly, we all want to know that we matter.. That we are special. But those “wants” can only be fulfilled through action!

If we want to feel special, we have to BE special. If we want to leave a mark, we have to MAKE  a mark. If we want a life of purpose and meaning, we have to LIVE with purpose and meaning. This book will show you HOW!