Like It Matters (LIM) is a non-profit corporation PURPOSED to helping people become victorious in the Battlefield of the Mind.  We are COMMITTED to helping people maximize the potentials they were created with.  We are FOCUSED on reaching the UNDER-privileged, UNDER-served in our communities, giving them back their power and their freedom.  Dr. Viktor Frankl said, “Between the stimulus and the Response there is a space, and in that space is our power and our freedom”.  At LIM we are PASSIONATE about teaching people how to take back their power and their freedom by understanding how they work, how they create experience and how they have control over their heart and their mind, so they can live their life- LIKE IT MATTERS! Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day, teach that person to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.  We help people learn how to have good mental health and healthy Emotional Intelligence by feeding them in 4 distinct ways:

  • Daily Radio show: Like It Matters Radio.  This is one-hour a day programming to Inspire, Educate, and Motivate action and application to make today better than yesterday.
  • Trainings: Educating and training people in psychology, biology, leadership, and motivation, using many disciplines to give them an understanding and control of their hearts, their minds and thus their lives.
  • Coaching, Counseling, and enCouraging:  This is personal work done on a ‘one-on-one’ basis to address specific needs of the individual. Dealing with the mental health epidemic of people suffering from, and overcoming, emotional trauma tied to abuse, molestation, PTSD, drug addiction, alcoholism, victimhood, and any other emotional trauma/pain, as well as the normal disappointments of life. 
  • Sharing Hope from the Good News.  For those who choose to have a healthy Spiritual life, we share God’s Word in a way that is digestible and pertinent to their everyday opportunities, problems, and possibilities.  This is done through our daily, ‘Way of Warrior’ blog.

The VISION of LIM is to foster HOPE, by teaching people, they are in control of their head and their heart, and investing in people so they believe in themselves. In addition to meeting their psychological and emotional needs, we build TRUST by also meeting their physical needs- living by the mantra: See a Need, meet a Need! Helping all to embrace, being Leaders- UNDER CONSTRUCTION!