Leadership Awakening:

Part One of the Leadership Experience

Everything you have ever read, believed, or thought about leadership will come alive in this 2½ day intense journey. Leadership Awakening is about pushing ourselves, and others, to be the “Best of the Best”, to start reaching our potential, to realize that no matter how good we are doing we can always do better, to never accept “Good Enough” from ourselves and inspire others to do the same. Experience the ultimate challenge and awaken to the possibilities. Leadership Awakening is a must for anyone who calls himself or herself a leader, or has the desire to lead.

Here are just some of the benefits you will receive when you attend LIM’s Leadership Awakening workshop:

  • Speak with power, authority and conviction while gaining agreement.
  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses in relation to your leadership skills, and make necessary improvements.
  • Identify and implement your Mission and Vision.
  • Develop effective and precise communication that inspires and motivates others.
  • Enhance decision-making skills and the ability to take action when necessary.
  • The ability to tackle any challenge and stay focused and committed.
  • Develop greater loyalty and dedication among co-workers.
  • Build and develop stronger, more powerful and effective teams.
  • Focus more precisely on the mission of the organization and stay “On Purpose.”
  • Take charge, lead with commitment, focus and passion.
  • Develop motivational skills.
  • Develop a greater level of Enthusiasm and Passion within the organization.
  • A direct bottom-line increase in effective leadership abilities, productivity and profitability for the company.

Our course is a “hands on” approach to leadership development rather than a theoretical approach. Organizations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on technical training, forgetting that a person’s ability to apply the technical is related to the degree they develop the person. Leadership development is really personal development. Leadership Awakening is the most powerful training an individual will ever experience in their life. People leave this training re-grouped and with the biggest feeling of Enthusiasm, Passion and Commitment to the mission of the organization. Our graduates live our training for 2½ days; when they leave our training, implementation has already been taking place. Leadership Awakening is the purest form of leadership training; it is truly Leadership in Motion.

Leadership Adventure:

Part Two of the Leadership Experience

In Leadership Awakening you began the journey of discovering the real power of focus, commitment, vision, passion, purpose, and teamwork. You learned the value of Wanting It, Creating It, and Living It. In Leadership Adventure, you take everything you learned in Awakening and apply it in a course that is five times more powerful than Awakening!

In fact, some people have called Leadership Adventure, “Awakening on Steroids” because in this intensive weekend course you LIVE everything you learned everything in Awakening at a whole new level. You have the opportunity to take these skills and put them into motion in a way you’ve never even imagined possible.

Here are just some of the benefits you will receive when you attend LIM’s Leadership Adventure workshop:

  • Learn the 4 C’s of Leadership
  • Learn how to build consensus within a group
  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Clarify your vision

  • Experience the power of commitment within a team
  • Pinpoint personalities to develop a high performance team
  • Learn how to push through conflict and come together as a team
  • Build and develop stronger, more powerful and effective teams
  • Learn how to capitalize on your team’s greatest strengths

Most of the course takes place outdoors as you challenge yourself along this weekend journey. As your path unfolds on this journey, you and your teammates are presented with challenging obstacles where, as a team, you must come together to successfully accomplish each task you face. As you overcome obstacles and learn to build consensus, you will literally have each other’s lives in your hands. People talk about teams and teamwork, but in Leadership Adventure you will experience what a real team can be – what a real team can accomplish. In Leadership Adventure, the team actually runs the class. You build a powerful team and hone your leadership skills in a hands-on, total immersion environment. In fact, one of the bast kept secrets at Like It Matters is revealed in this profound weekend experience. In Leadership Awakening you created a team – in Leadership Adventure you will take that team and truly experience Leadership in Motion.

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